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The Best Tips on Using Straight Razors


There are a lot of guys who prefers shaving through the use of a straight razor. This would be because it works better for them. But, a lot of men actually wonders whether there are really advantages with straight razor shaving.


There are in fact several advantages that are present with it and bearded men usually gets the most benefit. If this doesn't make sense to you or whether you want to know the advantages it gives for men, this article will be able to help you out. Buy the best pomade here!


Shaving with the use of barber straight razor may seem dangerous. But, it can be when this is not done appropriately. You should be aware that its razor blade is sharp enough to cut your throat. This is why it's advised that you use it with proper care and be really cautious.


Compared to shaving with with electric shavers or safety razors, there are different advantages that you could get with straight razor shaving. Below are some of its benefits:


Getting Better Shave


There's no need for you to shave every day when you shave with a straight razor because its cut is closer and is also much accurate for the most experienced one. If you will shave with a straight razor, you are in fact getting the closest shave possible. If this is something that's important to you, it is the only way for you to go for.


Avoid or Eliminate Rashes and Bumps


When you get a razor burn or bumps and rashes, it is usually due to clogged pores that are caused by dead skin cells which collects around the improperly cut hairs. A straight razor will be able to help in two ways such as cutting hairs smoothly and completely and also exfoliates dead skin from your face in a more effective way. The cleaner cuts helps to leave less dead skin on your face, which leads to fewer chances of irritation, bumps and also get a better looking face. You can also learn more tips on where to find the best razor, visit


Saves you more Money


Though the best kind of straight razor shaving kit is an investment, there's no need to buy and throw away razors anymore. The modern multi-blade razors are in fact considered as inferior to a lot of men. However, it doesn't come cheaply. But, an open razor can be maintained and can be used for many years.




There's definitely a real satisfaction from using a straight razor. You will get a sense of primal energy and also a genuine excitement. This in fact is the same thing which a lot of men get from fishing. This is simply a guy thing and you either will feel it or not.